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Our laboratory information management system can be perfectly tailored to your everyday work through various extensions. Whether for sample planning, document management or data acquisition - with these additional functions, every laboratory workflow can be mapped even better. Take a look at our interfaces & mobile applications!


DEMIS stands for Deutsches Elektronisches Melde- und Informationssystem für den Infektionsschutz (German Electronic Reporting and Information System for Infection Protection) - a reporting system of the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases according to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG).

bsDEMIS is the blomesystem® DEMIS interface that prepares the LIMS data for transfer to the RKI. The data of the positive Covid 19 examinations are automatically forwarded from the LIMS LABbase® to the RKI via the DEMIS adapter developed by gematik GmbH.


Since the beginning of 2022, it has been possible to transmit data in FHIR format. This further facilitates data transmission for the laboratories.


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The abbreviation AVV DatA stands for "General Administrative Regulation on the Exchange of Data in the Field of Food Safety and Consumer Protection". This interface is responsible for the exchange of data between the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on the one hand and the state investigation offices on the other. The reports from the state offices to the federal government follow the structure of the AVV DatA catalogs, which must be implemented by January 1, 2023 at the latest.


Laboratories that are assigned to the state offices have to adapt their workflows, in some cases considerably, which is neither an easy nor a fast process. In the transition phase from the old to the new world, the respective LIMS must be able to work with both the still current and the future AVV-DatA catalogs. LABbase builds these bridges.


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blomesystem LABDDI

blomesystem® LABDDI is a general interface module for standardized data transfer.


With blomesystem® LABDDI, GUS LAB GmbH can meet specific requirement profiles. DDI stands for Data Device Interface. With the help of this software, any device data can be stored in a standardized form. The connection of devices to LABDDI is realized via plug-ins, which take over the analysis and processing of the data supplied by the device.


Based on the structures of LABDDI, the prepared data can be transferred to the actual target systems. Individual adaptations or evaluations of the transferred data are carried out by functionalities in these systems. Grown customer-specific applications can also use the LABDDI.


blomesystem® QDI (QDI = QM-Data-Interface) is a certified interface to the QM module (quality management) of SAP® R/3 for all analytical laboratories working with the QM module of SAP® for quality control.


Primarily, it is an interface between blomesystem® applications and SAP® systems. It provides tables and functions through which all SAP® QM-IDI (IDI = Inspection Data Interface) functionalities can be covered. All transfers are carried out by direct computer-to-computer communication with SAP® certified Remote Function Calls (RFCs).


With the release of SAP S/4HANA, SAP QM-IDI has extended support for long material numbers (40 characters instead of 18) and renamed it S/4-QM-IDI.


If the extended material numbers are activated in SAP, they must also be activated in the Interfaces worksheet to ensure correct transfer.

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