Laboratory Information Management System



LIMS LABbase - Laboratory software of the future

LABbase is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. It includes all functionalities necessary for the daily work of professional laboratories. Our laboratory software makes it possible to map the processes within a wide variety of laboratory types and thus to support, simplify and make everyday work more efficient.

User interface and master data can be translated into any number of languages in the LIMS. A module is also available for translating the mask and block titles and for adapting field labels. Reports can be output in a different language - regardless of the language set for the interface.

LIMS - Features

  • Multilingualism (D, FR, EN)
  • Multi-client capability
  • role-based user concept
  • Device Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Adaptability to special customer needs
  • Own tools
  • unlimited update capability
  • Add on modules


GUS LAB GmbH offers an interface to Balvi iP, a software system for official monitoring, for investigation offices from the veterinary and food sector. The program integrates the legally defined monitoring areas of veterinary and food monitoring in the form of individual program modules that all work on the same standardized data. As a result, BALVI iP enables effective and efficient management of monitoring activities.

DEMIS stands for Deutsches Elektronisches Melde- und Informationssystem für den Infektionsschutz (German Electronic Reporting and Information System for Infection Protection) - a reporting system of the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases according to the Infection Protection Act (IfSG).

bsDEMIS is the blomesystem® DEMIS interface that prepares the LIMS data for transfer to the RKI. The data of the positive Covid 19 examinations are automatically forwarded from the LIMS LABbase® to the RKI via the DEMIS adapter developed by gematik GmbH.

In the course of the year, the bsDEMIS interface will be extended to include the transfer of data in FHIR format. The data transfer should thus be further facilitated for the laboratories.

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blomesystem® QDI is a certified interface to the QM module (quality management) of SAP® R/3 for all analytical laboratories working with the QM module of SAP® for quality control.

blomesystem® QDI (QDI = QM Data Interface) is primarily an interface between blomesystem® applications and SAP® systems. It provides tables and functions via which all functionalities of the SAP® QM-IDI (IDI = Inspection Data Interface) can be covered.

All transfers are performed by direct computer-to-computer communication using SAP® certified Remote Function Calls (RFCs).

One LIMS for all(s)

With LABbase, the complete workflow of a laboratory can be mapped. The modular structure and the customization tools of our laboratory software make it easier for users to respond individually to their customers' wishes and - if necessary - to redefine analytics again and again. The functional scope of our LIMS software includes more than just the possibility of sample processing and evaluation.


In addition to general analysis modules and commercial modules for quotation generation and invoicing, there are also modules for special areas of application such as veterinary medicine, human medicine, foodstuffs and radioactivity. Furthermore, a module for processing control samples from the production area is available in the laboratory software.


As the latest addition to the extensive LABbase functions, the blomesystem® Web Feature is now available, which enables the use of the LIMS on mobile devices.

LABbase - The flexible LIMS

  • Perfect adaptation of the LIMS due to modular design
  • Individual system structure: Trained users can structure their LIMS themselves, adapt the workflows accordingly, and optimize them individually according to their daily laboratory routine.
  • Smooth communication and secure data storage: Particularly relevant for larger institutions with multiple locations
  • Multi-user application: LABbase can also be operated in several languages simultaneously
  • Traceable data transmission without security risk: Through customized manual and/or fully automated interfaces, your data is traceable and securely transmitted or received from/to devices or third-party systems via the laboratory software
  • First-class industry expertise with over 40 years of
  • 100 % customer orientation and solution competence at eye level: personal, binding, productive

High flexibility and efficiency of your LIMS solution through tools

blomesystem report generator

The blomesystem® Report Generator is an exclusive tool for querying, displaying and entering data. With the help of the report generator, the trained user can create additional input forms, reports, evaluations and statistics according to his requirements, without having to make changes to the source code of the application or to change the database design.


blomesystem designer

The blomesystem® Designer makes it possible to adapt every blomesystem® application to your requirements. With this tool, all conceivable modifications and extensions can be made to the range of functions and the database. Easy customization and unlimited update capability make this tool popular and reliable. Many customers use it themselves for the further development of their own application.