Professional water monitoring
with ENMOhydro

Water monitoring with ENMO®hydro

ENMO®hydro is a comprehensive monitoring system for continuous monitoring and assurance of the quality of water bodies. It is an extremely effective solution when it comes to implementing the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), for example. This requires a good ecological and chemical status of all surface waters within the EU by 2027 at the latest.

By working with immission-oriented alarm thresholds, ENMO®hydro can identify critical water inputs at an early stage. On the one hand, this enables those responsible to initiate adequate countermeasures in good time. On the other hand, continuous and automated water monitoring has a preventive effect, as it facilitates the identification of emitters. Even if the Water Framework Directive does not yet make automated monitoring networks mandatory, the trend is unmistakably in this direction.

Performance features

  • 100% web based solution
  • Multilingualism
  • Appointment management incl. reminder
  • OPC technology for device connection 
  • Management of SOPs and documents
  • Extensive statistics functions
  • Detailed logging of the device states
  • Storable filters
  • Preconfigured user roles (technical/maintenance personnel, evaluation personnel)
  • ITsees connection
  • Drift correction
  • Calibration
  • Real-time query of device data
  • Alarm index
  • SMS, e-mail notification in case of alarm situations
  • Simple data aggregation
  • Export graphics in high quality


ENMO®hydro consists of three components: ENMO® Site, ENMO® Server and ENMO® Client.

ENMO® Site continuously collects the measured values as well as status and fault messages of the connected measuring systems in the measuring stations. The data records are temporarily stored in the ENMO® Site computers and then transmitted to the ENMO® server via the Internet. With the optionally available plug-in ENMO® IT SEES, the data goes through an abnormality detection and an alarm index is automatically created, which simplifies the quick assessment of the current water situation.

The measured values and status messages of all measuring stations converge in a measuring network center and are stored in an Oracle database. The ENMO® server immediately evaluates the incoming data - if the alarm index indicates a conspicuous water condition, the responsible agents are automatically notified via SMS and mail. At the same time, a workflow for the analysis of automatically obtained event samples from the measuring stations is set in motion.

With little effort, the client can be configured in such a way that the respective processor can have an overview of all the measured variables required for assessing the water quality within a very short time. The client is also used to manage equipment, master data, access rights and the schedule including maintenance routines. In order to present the collected data without much effort, the ENMO® Client provides for the export of vector graphics, Excel documents and bitmap graphics, among other things - the layout is also retained during the export.

Real-time monitoring: Water conditions always in view

ENMO® IT SEES is a tool that detects conspicuous water conditions in real time. It analyzes and evaluates the data sets fed in, such as classic water body parameters and biomonitors, to determine whether they meet the criterion of "conspicuousness". The tool displays such anomalies in an alarm index. If defined thresholds are exceeded, ENMO® IT SEES generates a warning. Even subtle anomalies in the water can be detected in this way. ENMO® IT SEES is the result of the EASE research and development project for the development of alarm criteria and incident measurement in measuring stations in the Elbe catchment area for international hazard prevention planning. The project involved bbe Moldaenke from Kiel and the Hamburg Water Quality Measurement Network.

Your added value at a glance

Environmental monitoring, "a matter of attitude".

  • Prompt defense response and rapid identification of pollutant emitters through real-time data in the event of water pollution.
  • Automatic notification of responsible parties in the event of a pollutant emission.
  • Automatic triggering of relevant actions to the affected measuring points in the event of a pollutant emission: e.g. increasing the frequency of automated sampling. This saves time and increases the efficiency of your water monitoring.
  • Flexible design of roles and access rights for your team: You can easily determine who is allowed to see/edit which data in ENMO®hydro, how often.
  • Multi-user application: Several users can operate the water monitoring system simultaneously in different languages.
  • First-class industry expertise with over 40 years of
  • 100 % customer orientation and solution competence at eye level: personal, binding, productive.

Device maintenance already integrated

The integrable quality management module of ENMO®hydro offers a "construction kit" for the maintenance of the connected measuring devices and sensors. It not only covers all requirements for effective maintenance, but also facilitates accreditation and certification processes. The individual modules of the maintenance "construction kit" can be combined into maintenance sequences without any programming knowledge. During maintenance, the solution logs all processes. Special events during maintenance are also automatically recorded in the logbook. The dynamic design of the maintenance workflows allows maintenance to be interrupted and individual tasks to be skipped or repeated.

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