Radioactivity management and

RaMIS - Management 

Information system

RaMIS - the Radioactivity Management and Information System

The Radioactivity Management and Information System RaMIS® was designed as a comprehensive management and information system for monitoring radioactivity in the environment. The system was developed based on the nationwide Integrated Measurement and Information System (IMIS). The stand-alone version of RaMIS® includes all necessary components for data exchange with IMIS. The master data available in IMIS can be used as well as the IMIS data exchange format LAF (currently up to DAF 8.4).


The main areas of operation are the state monitoring stations for environmental radioactivity in the individual federal states, which are responsible for monitoring compliance with the provisions of nuclear, radiation protection and precautionary radiation protection law.


RaMIS® can also be integrated into the existing blomesystem® applications (e.g. in LABbase®). In larger laboratories, a uniform LIMS can thus be created for the various departments.

RaMIS - Features

  • Group-related user management
  • Automatic sample generation
  • Automatic status management
  • Versioned import of IMIS master data
  • Import of LAF or B3H files of the device software
  • Export of LAF files to the IMIS system
  • Multiple determination and averaging
  • Adaptability to special customer needs
  • unlimited update capability

Your added value at a glance

RaMIS - Radioactivity Management


  • Integrated document, address and employee management
  • Management of own environmental areas
  • Management of procedures and devices
  • Variable nuclide selection for reports
  • Tool half-life calculation
  • First-class industry expertise with over 40 years of

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