Highest efficiency
through mobile data acquisition

Mobile applications

LABS OC - Mobile data acquisition

In addition to the stationary LABS/Q® terminals, data is now collected on a mobile basis. With the mobile LABS OC app, you always have your LABS/Q® with you and record the data where they occur. This can be, for example, in the pilot plant, at a fermenter or in the field, where you do not have a PC available. The LABS OC app can communicate with the LABS/Q® server in direct mode or record and temporarily store data in offline mode without a network. In addition to entering results, you can use the LABS OC App (LES) to process workflows, perform sampling, create ad hoc test orders and store raw data directly on the measuring device.

LABS/Q® offers a special software for mobile devices that supports the user from sampling, opening of test orders, testing (LES functionality) to measurement and raw data acquisition. For this purpose, the user carries an input station in the form of a smartphone or tablet computer and is independent of permanently installed PCs or workstations.

Performance features

  • Efficient support for measured value acquisition in the laboratory or at a sampling point, also in offline mode
  • Complete mobility without being dependent on a workstation computer
  • Input of measurement results both manually, by scanning a barcode (QR code) and partly by voice input.
  • Direct transfer of measurement results from test equipment connected to LABS/Q® without input and transmission errors

Web portal

The web portal makes it possible to make results data from laboratory tests available to a larger group of interested parties, such as customers of laboratories. Access is via browser and is also possible from mobile devices. The system can be operated intuitively, without additional software installation or training.


After a personalized login, the users of the web portal can only view/download those data that the LIMS-operating laboratory has released for them (results data, reports/certificates, etc.).


Read-only access by web portal users ensures the integrity of the data in the LIMS.

Performance features

  • Convenient and fast viewing of laboratory data with all end devices (PC, cell phone, tablet)
  • Saves long communication channels
    (such as separately printing/scanning/sending a report to customers)
  • Facilitates everyday life
  • The type and number of data to be displayed, views as well as the time period of the data query, are adjustable.

Sampling via app

You want to conveniently enter measured values on the go, even in a dead zone? Whether you work with a tablet or smartphone, this app is the right choice. It can be used as a web app online and offline.


The app supports you in route planning with the help of Google Maps and enables quick documentation of the facts. The photos created are assigned to the respective sample at the push of a button and transferred to the LIMS.

Performance features

  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Minimization of transmission errors
  • Data exchange
  • Navigation support
  • Documentation

Measured value acquisition

Measurement results can be entered manually, either by entering a value via the integrated keyboard or by operating graphical elements such as a number line or a rotary control. If a piece of test equipment is connected to LABS/Q® via an interface, then the measured value is accepted and displayed by the test equipment by tapping the graphic element on the display.

Depending on the tablet used, results (textual or numerical) can also be scanned as a QR code. The measurement results can then be sent to LABS/Q® , whereby information on the test equipment and the user is of course also transmitted together with the date and time. All transmitted results are of course fully traceable.

Workflows and SOPs

Using LES functionality (Laboratory Execution System), the app supports laboratory personnel in their work in the laboratory, e.g. in creating standards or processing analytical methods. The display of the input device shows in sufficient detail which points in the workflow currently need to be taken into account. You can define any such workflows in LABS/Q® and then use them as support in the app.

The SOP always with you

In addition to the workflow option, which often consists of shorter text passages on the individual inspection characteristics, you also have the option of displaying the complete SOP as a PDF file. Of course, you can also scroll and zoom through the document. It is therefore no longer necessary to provide such documents in paper form in the laboratory.


The mobile app is available for the operating systems iOS, Google Android and Windows 10 and can only be used in conjunction with the LIMS LABS/Q® or the middleware LABS/QM®. The app can be used both online (e.g. via WLAN or via UMTS or LTE) and in offline mode (without connection to the LIMS), for example when sampling in the field or at sampling points in buildings without data transmission capabilities. The synchronization of the data takes place later automatically as soon as the user is online again. You can use the app on all common smartphones and tablet computers with iOS, Win10 or Android operating systems.

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