Software for the contract laboratories

Have you ever wondered how you can make your daily work in the contract laboratory more efficient? Often, the range of services offered by a contract laboratory spans several disciplines - from medicine and veterinary to environment, water management and energy. Equally wide-ranging are the daily laboratory workflows that involve the relevant services: from regular food inspection or monitoring of environmental parameters to the delicate task of auditing and certification. In order to guarantee the highest quality without interruption, contract laboratories must also be able to meet strict regulatory requirements and respond quickly to any changes.

We understand the problem! To bring everything under "one hat", you need above all a flexible laboratory information management system that "understands" your daily processes just as well. The demand for flexibility, accuracy and reliability, coupled with short processing times, makes the use of an efficient LIMS indispensable.

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Success Story: wega and GUS LAB

Our first success story as GUS LAB GmbH arose from our collaboration with wega . This partnership has not only led to the successful implementation of our LABS/Q solutions, but has also demonstrated the potential of collaboration between independent companies in the life science industry.

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