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Production in the pharmaceutical industry
The necessary information flow from production to quality control and vice versa is taken into account in our LABS/Q® LIMS laboratory software. Production orders can be imported via interfaces, such as to ERP systems, which automatically create the required sample location-specific and operation-specific in-process control inspection orders and the release inspection order according to the rules defined in the master data. Traceability of the input batches back to the raw material is ensured throughout. Packaging and the creation of customer-specific certificates on delivery are also supported. Results and usage decisions can be transferred to the ERP system or viewed by the production plant using the LABS/Q® LIMS pharmaceutical laboratory software. Production conditions in biotechnology can be checked and documented via hygiene monitoring by automatically created test orders.

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The following shows the tasks in which the products offered in the area of pharmaceutical technology can support you and save you time and money:

Research and development in the pharmaceutical industry

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Drug development, which begins with active ingredient research and continues through the development of the dosage form and the preclinical and clinical phases to the finished drug, involves a considerable amount of time and expense. A wide variety of laboratories with a wide variety of tasks work hand in hand here.


Thus, in addition to discovering a new active ingredient, research is already underway to effectively manufacture it. In parallel, analytical methods for studying the active ingredient and its by-products/metabolites must be developed and validated. The dosage form is developed and tested for effectiveness. Once the drug is approved and in production, the methods must be transferred to the quality control laboratories.


Our pharmaceutical laboratory software for your high demands
Our sophisticated products can support you in your tasks, as well as save you time and money. Are you looking for the right software for your laboratory? Contact us, we will be happy to advise and support you in finding the optimal solution for your specific problem.

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Software: Quality Control

Our products for quality control and quality assurance
Every drug is only as good as the quality of its production and testing. Highest quality standards as well as fast and safe processes in pharmaceutical or biotechnology laboratories are among the most important factors for the success of any company. The tasks of quality control in the regulated areas of the pharmaceutical industry as well as biotechnology include, among others, the testing and release of raw materials, packaging materials and intermediate products, up to the finished drug. The permanent updating of test methods, including their validation, the system suitability and calibration of laboratory equipment as well as the testing and monitoring of the numerous reference standards are also essential tasks of Quality Control. Furthermore, in quality control, drugs are stored for stability testing under controlled climatic conditions in accordance with ICH guidelines and analyzed until their expiry date. In the case of solid dosage forms, release tests are also carried out.


Our laboratory software products can significantly support you in quality control and quality assurance tasks, saving you time and money.


The following shows which product can assist you with your requirements:

  • Management of specifications, test plans, methods(LABS/Q LIMS)
  • Test order processing / deviation management / stabilities(LABS/Q LIMS)
  • Internal quality control of the laboratory(LABS/Q LIMS)
  • Graphical and statistical evaluations, reports(LABS/Q)
  • A revised method must be revalidated(VALIDAT)

Environmental and hygiene monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry

Support by our software products
In a production plant, a production-accompanying as well as continuous monitoring of hygiene (water, equipment, persons, rooms, etc.) as well as of the environment (e.g. waste water, immission, emission) is indispensable.


With our laboratory software LABS/Q® LIMS you get a LIMS solution that has its own module for environmental and hygiene monitoring. Thus, production-accompanying and scheduled tests at 1 to n sample points can be triggered automatically by so-called project orders. A group report function in connection with LABSGraphic enables a comfortable, graphical as well as statistical evaluation of the data.

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