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To ensure that the enjoyment of food and drink can be relaxed, the production of food and beverages is subject to close-meshed controls. Competitive pressure, high quality of the products, high number of customers to be supplied, fast processing of samples and evaluation of results are priorities. Appropriate interfaces enable data exchange between LABbase® and devices from a wide range of manufacturers, as well as the connection of the LIMS with various third-party systems, such as ERP.

Our products for quality control and quality assurance in the food industry
Any product is only as good as the quality of its manufacture and testing. Every company in the food industry is under the scrutiny of customers as well as the public and commercial success depends on the safety of products as well as their cost. Fast and safe processes in the laboratory are expected and are among the most important factors for the success of any company. The tasks of Quality Control / Quality Assurance accompany the process of manufacturing from incoming goods to tests during production, filling and storage up to delivery and deviation management. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) processes are important factors in identifying and avoiding risks in food production at an early stage.


Our laboratory software products can assist you with quality control and quality assurance tasks, saving you time and money. The following shows which laboratory software can assist you with the requirements in the food industry:


Research and development in the food sector

Your requirements in the food industry
In the food industry, new products are constantly being developed and their production and quality continuously improved. The aim is to reduce manufacturing costs and replace input materials. The costs of the input materials, the manufacturing process and environmental protection play a major role.


Our food laboratory software for your requirements
The laboratory software products of GUS LAB GmbH can support you in your tasks, as well as save you time and money. Are you looking for the right software for your laboratory? Contact us, we will be happy to advise and support you in finding the optimal solution for your specific problem. 


Our software solutions at a glance
The following shows the tasks in which the products offered can support you and save you time and money:


Environmental and hygiene monitoring in the food industry

Support by our software products
In the food industry, continuous monitoring of the environment (e.g. waste water, immission, emission) and also of hygiene is indispensable. In accordance with legal and licensing requirements, test orders with defined sample types (e.g. random sample, 2-hour composite sample, etc.) can be generated, processed and evaluated manually or automatically for a wide variety of measuring points and samples or also for personnel. Deviations automatically lead to an HACCP process and are of particular importance for the continuous improvement of all processes.


With our software solution LABS/Q LIMS you get a laboratory software that has its own module for hygiene and environmental monitoring. Thus, production-accompanying and scheduled tests at 1 to n sample points can be triggered automatically by so-called project orders. A group report function in connection with LABSGraphic enables a comfortable graphical and statistical evaluation of the data.

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